Social Policy & Development

Doing great things and changing the world for the better is an integral part of our lives. We pride ourselves on bonding over very important ideas and events. We are confident that the “give-back” from the good things we do is way bigger than the effort we’ve invested into them. The company has always sought to adhere to high standards, both in production and in social aspects. A systematic approach to the implementation of the entire social policy, focused on the needs of employees and their families, responsible business conduct contribute to the stability and efficiency of social investments both within the group companies and in the regions. A great deal of effort has been made to improve the welfare of QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО employees.In order to manage this process efficiently, a "Social Development Program to improve the Welfare of Employees of the Company in the Astana Region" was approved and the National Petroleum Industry Trade Unions Committee of the Astana Region. The program itemizes 190 specific jobs that must be completed. The timely completion of these jobs is under the close supervision of company management.