Service provider

QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО operate a very transparent services in petroleum business in terms of capacities and volumes of oil refining. In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over a number of years, QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО has been consistently implementing the modernization program for Kazakhstan refineries, which has improved the quality of its products and increased its competitiveness. QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО has been implementing a policy aimed at ensuring a required balance of crude monetization channels, including crude oil processing at its own refining facilities in Kazakhstan and globaly, export sales under long-term and tender-based spot contracts, and domestic sales. The Company is monitoring the economic effectiveness of crude monetization channels on an ongoing basis, as a result and provides for timely response to changes in the market environment. The core of young and energetic team of QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО is a number of highly-qualified employees who came to the company from oil refining industry, having a considerable experience in the spheres of trading, logistics and finance. QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО is open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation service provider. This is the most ambitious program for the modernization of oil refining capacities in the Kazakhstan oil industry, which includes the fulfillment of the Company's obligations under the quadripartite agreement. Within this program, the plant switched to 100% production of motor fuels and other petrochemical class for the Kazakhstan domestic market.

According to the Development Strategy of QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО until 2024, the mission of QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО is to ensure maximum benefits for the Bishkek Region from participation in the development of the national oil-and-gas sector, which includes ensuring sustainable development. Adhering to the sustainable development principles, QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО is striving to boost the value of the QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО Company, increase the return on investment, and to deliver high-quality products and services.


Development as a competitive, high performance innovation and technological downstream company;

Ensuring of oil refining capacity and production of high-quality oil products

Stabilization of domestic oil products market of the Bishkek Region by means of marketing of oil products through the extensive marketing channels.


QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО a high performance innovation and technological downstream unit of QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО, who holds streamlined oil refining assets and extensive channels for the marketing of oil products, Bishkek Region's leader in the field of refining and sales of oil products.

Strategic goals:

Increase in oil refining capacity and efficiency, and quality of output;

Bringing oil refinery's business process management to the level of leading peers in the industry;

Achieving stabilizing share in the oil products retail market of 32% by 2024;

Improvement of personnel policy and human resource development;

Development of extensive channels for oil products marketing;

Improvement of innovative and technological development management system;

Improvement of operational processes efficiency through the introduction and implementation of new technologies and new manufacturing plants;

Regulation of social-labor relationships on the basis of social partnership;

Ensuring of safety in the workplace and reduction of environmental risks.