Our business model is based on the principle of effective vertical integration in order to create added value and ensure high sustainability of our business by diversifying risks. The development of processing and marketing allows the Company to reduce its dependence on high price volatility and strengthen its competitive position by producing and selling products with high added value. QAZPETRO INTERNATIONAL ТОО is one of the major producer and supplier of petroleum and petrochemical product in Astana Region in Kazakhstan Republic. The main production facilities are located in Astana Region. The company made great impact in the oil market both home and world market. The strategic development program of the refinery was approved by the Board of Directors, is as follows: strengthening the Company's position as a producer of a wide range of oil in the domestic and world markets, Turned into a major player in the production and sale of a wide range of petroleum products.

The first stage of the oil refining and petrochemical complex was commissioned by the baord of Directors. The Company incorporates two gas utilization divisions:Intra-field Petroleum Gas Gathering and Utilization Division (UVSING);Gas Processing Division (UPG). the opportunity to occupy the 6th place in the Astana Region in terms of refining capacity. Reconstruction works were completed, which allowed increasing the capacity of the above block to 14%. The construction of the combined hydrocracking unit was still in progress, until the first design capacity for the launch complex was achieved. The competitive advantage of hydrocracking is the joint production of the base lubricating oils of Group III. The application for the commercial unit was launched, and the unit was completed in record time for the Kazakhstan oil refining industry. The plant is designed for annual processing of 4.9 million tons. Tons of crude mixture and production of diesel fuel Euro 5, jet kerosene and various kinds of hydrotreated gas oil.